Bonnie & Damon: The Spin-Off?

by Christine DiStasio

Nope, nope, nope. Do you hear me out there, Julie Plec? It's been a few months since The Vampire Diaries killed Damon Salvatore during its heartbreaking Season 5 finale. And we're all still wondering: Why? Well, we're not alone, TVD fans. During the Vampire Diaries panel at San Diego Comic-Con on July 26, Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham guessed that Damon and Bonnie are getting a TVD spin-off series in a spoof video of the Season 5 finale as a reason why they got "killed off" the CW series. And all I can say to that is thank god this video was a joke.

It's not that I don't like Damon and Bonnie. Well, if I'm going to be honest — I don't really like Bonnie all that much (sorry, Kat Graham). But footage of The Originals' Joseph Morgan during his TVD days said it best in the video when Graham and Somerhalder called to share their theory about getting their own show, "No. I will kill you and everyone you know." Which is exactly how I feel about Bonnie & Damon: The Other Side spin-off series — even if it was just a joke.

The video features cameos from all of TVD's series regulars, including the recently resurrected Matt Davis. (Steven R. McQueen even jokes about how many times Jeremy Gilbert has died. LOL.) And while Somerhalder and Graham's in-character banter is hilarious, I still just can't get past this spin-off idea and how it would be the absolute worst. (Even though I know it would never happen, but now it's out there in the universe.) First, see the Comic-Con video here:

Hypothetically speaking, why would a Damon and Bonnie spin-off be so terrible? I mean, any way that Damon could still be alive is a good thing, right? Wrong. TVD's first spin-off, The Originals, was a breakthrough hit and I really don't think lightening can strike twice on the vampire front. But on a more plot-specific note, who the heck would want to watch a series where Bonnie and Damon just bicker the entire time? It's no secret that they don't get along and just because they "walked into the light" together, that doesn't mean that they're going to magically become BFFs. Because that'd just be ridiculous. The only other alternative would be if the series ran alongside TVD as an extension — so while Elena, Stefan, and the crew were trying to figure out how to bring Damon and Bonnie back to Mystic Falls, the spin-off series would follow Damon and Bonnie on their search on how to get back from wherever they are. And, well, that'd be tedious.

Of course, this is all a hypothetically speaking because Ian Somerhalder is still in his contract for Season 6 of TVD . So, obviously they're not going to give him a random spin-off series rather than plan a romantic reunion between Damon and Elena at the end of Season 6. But, even so, there's no possible way that a Bonnie and Damon spin-off would be a great idea because mostly it'll just make us was to kill everyone off this show. For real. And anyway, not even Damon wants this to happen.

Images: The CW, thevampirediaries-es/Blogspot