Watch Adorable 'Batkid Begins' Trailer, Starring Miles Scott As The Superhero Who Saved San Francisco

Miles Scott had one wish: to be Batman. Last November, the 5-year-old melted the Internet's collective heart when his wish came true, and he saved the streets of San Francisco as Batkid. Now, the superhero will return with Batkid Begins, a documentary that gives a behind-the-scenes look at the Make-A-Wish request that captivated the world.

A trailer for the feature-length documentary debuted at Comic-Con this weekend, directed by Dana Nachman. In three short minutes, the trailer managed to reduce me into an emotional wreck. Miles' father Nick Scott appeared in the teaser, offering his explanation for why his son's fascination with comic book characters extends past typical boyhood fantasies.

One of his doctors told us with this disease you become like a fighter. You have to fight for life. So I think he sees the good versus evil battle in superheroes, and just relates to it.

Nachman's film will detail the day Batkid saved San Francisco and the preparation that went into making Gotham City, but Batkid Begins will also focus on Miles' diagnosis with leukemia and his family's journey to beat it. Nachman currently has an Indiegogo account to crowd source the funds she needs to finish the film. As of this writing, she has around half of the $100,000 she needs to finish the film.

The trailer showed interviews from Patricia Wilson, executive director of Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area, composer for the Dark Knight trilogy Hans Zimmer, and Chris Taylor of Mashable.

According to the Batkid Begins Indiegogo page, Miles drew 25,000 people to San Francisco's streets to watch him fight crime, and received over 400,000 tweets as the Internet tracked his journey through the constructed Gotham. Two other Batmans, Ben Affleck and Adam West, offered support via Twitter, and even President Barack Obama contributed to the Internet's sniffle fest in a Vine thanking Miles for his service.

Batkid and his family also started a charity called the Batkid fund last November, which benefits the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Ronald McDonald House, and a local medical center.

So if you're ready for a rush of extreme emotion, here is the Batkid Begins trailer. Tissues are 100 percent guaranteed to be needed. In this case, Batkid was not the hero we deserved, but he was most certainly the hero we needed to restore our faith in humanity.

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