'RHONY Needs Carole Back Next Season

by Kayla Hawkins

Now that Season 6 of Bravo's Real Housewives of New York City has finally come to an end, it's already time to start thinking about Season 7. Amidst some rumors that the whole RHONY cast will be fired, others are saying that everyone's feeling the chemistry and they're about to start filming on Season 7 this September. But while most are probably wondering the fate of fan favorites like Sonja Tremont Morgan or Former Countess LuAnn, I'm here to stick up for an under-appreciated gem: Carole Radziwill.

Sure, she's not the most dramatic Housewife, but the RHONY ladies need a calm port in a storm. Notice how Carole is frequently the person an angry Housewife will go to for advice about how to handle a confrontation, or just use as a brick wall to vent against. Ramona's Berkshire breakdown and escape attempt happened with Carole wryly looking on. Carole can get along with anyone (except Aviva), is respected by all for her long writing career (except Aviva), and never has anything worse than a rude joke to say about her fellow cast members (except Aviva).

And her sarcasm is well appreciated. Her stony intonation of "who's Molly Sims?" during the Ramona-vention was one of the funniest moments of the season. (Close runner up: her equally flat reminder to Sonja that her name is "Carole," not "she.")

And she gives great .gif.

Her last blog of the season (which is worth reading, Bill Whitworth must have worked his magic on it) seemed like a hearty peace out to putting up with the artifice of reality TV. She throws it right out there: Sonja was trying to make a scandal out of nothing, and the Aviva Leg Toss was somehow even more pathetic in person. Carole's here, and she is ready to DISH.

Plus, Heather needs a friend on this cast. She's fighting the good fight, always sticking up for rational thought in the face of these crazy women with Carole by her side. And while Kristen and Heather get along, she's a newbie who can't stand up to the combined irrationality of Sonja, Ramona, and Aviva if Carole was to drop out.

And it's even a good business decision for her to stay on the show for now. She told E! that the boost of reality TV fame has "sold a lot of books." Since she's still writing, why not keep appearing on Bravo?

Carole and Heather should stick it out, occasionally mentioning Yummie Tummie or The Widow's Guide but mostly just enjoying the fireworks on Bravo's dime. If the producers have to mess with this cast, they would be so wrong to mess with Carole Radziwill.

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