Josh Murray Wins 'The Bachelorette'... According to Twitter

The finale of The Bachelorette is here and everyone has an opinion about who should win. It's down to just Nick Viall and Josh Murray and Bustle's writers have had their own conflicting thoughts when it comes to who should win. We have our fair share of Nick fans and also people think Josh should definitely win. But while we may be split here, Twitter is very decided. After just a few seconds of browsing through the #Bachelorette tag, it's abundantly clear who the social media masses are rooting for: Josh Murray.

Not only was a good majority of Twitter discussing how attractive they found Josh (poor Neville Longbottom lookalike Nick gets no love), but overwhelmingly, fans want Andi to pick Josh. So if we had to declare a winner according to Twitter, Nick had better start packing his bags because Josh seems to be the fan-favorite choice to win.

Obviously Twitter doesn't get to pick the winner (although there's an idea to spice things up for the future, ABC!) But if that many people are predicting the ending they can't all be wrong, right?

We have a few more hours to see if they're correct or not. But if we had to call it now, Twitter thinks Josh is Andi's reality show soulmate, and they are not afraid to bash Nick (poor guy) in the process of declaring their fondness for Josh.

Image: ABC