We Need More 'Little Women: LA' ASAP

With a lag in summer TV shows, Little Women: LA really saved this summer for those of us sitting at home with nothing to watch while until our fall shows come back. Right before the Season 1 finale of Little Women: LA aired, Deadline reported that due to the show’s popularity (1.4 million viewers on one of their episodes to be exact), Little Women: LA would be returning for Season 2. Cue a round of applause for Lifetime —though I am always on board with a good Lifetime reality series or crazy movie. Now that the show is over for the summer, all we can do is wait around for Season 2. There's just one problem — when is it?

Lifetime hasn't announced a premiere date yet, however after thoroughly studying their TV show schedule, I have come up with some estimations. Because I just can’t wait that long to see Terra, Tonya, Elena, Christy, Briana ,and Traci again. I really can’t. I gave up Pretty Little Liars for these ladies so they’re officially in my heart now, forever. Please don’t take this away from me Lifetime. Since I can’t personally make it to one of their Gaga/Beyonce performances, I need to know when I can see them on my TV again.

Lifetime is cautious when they order new shows. They never pick up a full season of a show the first time around, which is good. They play it safe and it pays off when they air things like True Tori. But when something takes off, they order so much more of it. After Dance Moms premiered with 13 episodes in its first season, the second had 30 episodes. I am betting that Little Women: LA may not get that many, but it is likely that we will be seeing more than this season's nine.

Secondly, if a show is popular they will come back a bit quicker than normal. Again, since Dance Moms is probably Lifetime's most popular show, let's use it as an example. The final episode of Season 1 of Dance Moms aired in October 2011 and Season 2 quickly returned the following January. However, I don’t think we will get so lucky as to see Little Women: LA return in just three months, because come september, the network will be rolling out all of its pilots. Once pilots start getting pulled from the air, I think we can expect a premiere date. I am giving it six months and predicting that Little Women: LA will be back in December or January.

Should we be expecting a Little Women: NYC? Because I’m seriously on board for that. Maybe even some Little Women: Atlanta too, that could be even better. Or, maybe I need to get out of the house more.

Images: Lifetime (3)