'Raising Asia' Star Asia Monet Ray's Parents Prove Talent Runs in the Family

Asia Monet Ray is your everyday, average, run of the mill 8-year-old. Just instead of playing on the monkey bars with her friends, Asia's performing in front of hundreds of screaming, adoring fans. Instead of building sand castles, she's practicing her dance moves for competition. Instead of video games, she's putting on her best Sasha Fierce face and putting on a show. Her Lifetime docuseries, Raising Asia, will premiere on July 29, marking her return to the network after a season regular spot on Dance Moms that helped her gain notoriety.

One can only wonder how such an incredible amount of talent could be held in such a small package. Where did it all come from? Was she just born this amazing? All signs point to her parents. Now from what the trailer shows us, we as viewers will be getting to know members of Asia's family as well, specifically her mother and father.

If you haven't seen Dance Moms, then you may not know about Asia's mother, Kristie Ray. The absolute definition of a stage mom, Kristie can often be seen standing up for her daughter, smiling in the crowd while Asia performs, stirring up a little drama, and of course giving some intense side eye.

You can see where Asia gets that diva inspiration from. Kristie is no stranger to the limelight herself. As a former model and bodybuilder, Kristie passes her fantastic looks and her dedication down to her daughter.

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If you're impressed by those muscles, wait until you see Asia's dad.

This 44-year-old bodybuilder is no stranger to the circuit, having only failed to place in the top five of every body building competition he entered once. In January of 2007, he was inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame of Professional Bodybuilding.

Shawn is also an author, hosts bodybuilding competitions, and of course, is Asia's dad full-time. Today, he runs a competition called the Shawn Ray Classic. The competition is pretty stiff so if you're trying to get in, you're going to have to compete in front of this guy.

Intimidation doesn't even begin to cover it.

But this model mom and body-building dad came together to produce the little dancing queen that we all know and love.

Looks like that athleticism definitely didn't skip a generation.

Image: Lifetime