What's With 'Teen Wolf's New Mantra?

More and more wolves are being introduced every episode on Season 4 of Teen Wolf . But instead of threatening Scott's pack, they seem to be needing more help than anyone in Beacon Hills, because most of them seem to be on the big bad Benefactor's dead pool hit list. First there was the unassuming beer keg delivery man from Lydia's impromptu house party who was killed by psych assassin Violet. Then there was the poor unassuming blond high school girl who was killed by psycho assassin Garrett. But there's one other mysterious thing that seems to bind these wolves together besides their inevitable doom: They all recite the same Buddhist mantra. What the heck does that mean?

For starters the motto they are all reciting is: "The sun, the moon, and the truth." This mantra is apparently part of a quote from Buddha, or at least it is in the world of Teen Wolf, according to Dr. Deaton. It features a few very important words before the part we've heard before: "Three things cannot be hidden." So why on earth would werewolves in Beacon Hills be reciting a Buddhist mantra? There are a few possible reasons for that, and they are actually pretty reasonable and obvious. Perhaps they are just straight up Buddhist werewolves? Now that would be really cool.

Derek and Malia were on the lookout for these werewolves throughout Monday's episode "Orphaned," and Derek says the werewolves are part of a pack that were bitten, not born. Their use of the mantra comes from needing something to help them control their transformations. Perhaps unlike Scott getting help from Derek, they did not have a born werewolf mentor to help teach them how to manage their heightened emotions.

And why couldn't the entire pack be Buddhist? It seems as though this particular pack of werewolves has been integrated quite well into the Beacon Hills community. Beer keg delivery guy has apparently been known for delivering kegs to minors for a while, according to Scott's wolf pack. And the young blonde werewolf was a student at the school. Even Brett was revealed to be Liam's enemy at his previous school from where he was eventually kicked out. Perhaps they've been around for a while and being Buddhist, they have learned to control their wolf bloodlust and have no need for violence.

Whoever they are, they are quickly being hunted, one after the other, by The Benefactor. Before the episode ended, most of, if not the entire, pack was found dead. If anyone from the new pack did survive, they'll need to protect their dwindling numbers, which could mean they will turn to Scott as their new alpha. Great, more responsibilities. Just what a high-schooler needs right now.

Image: MTV