Okay, There Is One Tiny Reason To Mourn His Death

Well that didn't last long. In Season 4 of Teen Wolf , The Benefactor introduced us to some crazy new assassins who are hell-bent on killing off pretty much everyone we hold dear in our hearts, just because they're supernatural creatures. Two of these killers, Garrett and Violet, were part of Beacon Hills High and both found creative ways to murder supernatural creatures around the area, all for the sake of getting lots and lots of money from Season 4's big bad. But one of these assassins' murder spree was cut short in Monday's episode "Orphaned." Garrett was impaled, courtesy of one of Kate Argent's lackeys: a berserker.

Seriously, thank goodness. Sure, Scott's wolf pack were not the ones to take down this psycho murderer/lacrosse player, but who cares? It's one less murderer on the loose. Garrett not only tried to kill many of Scott's friends and fellow supernaturally inclined people, but he also tried to get Scott to commit robbery by kidnapping Liam and stabbing him with a wolfsbane sword that would have killed him if Scott did not do exactly what he wanted. But there is a part of me that wished he had not died. At least not yet. And before you all scream at me on social media, let me explain why.

It would have been so ridiculously helpful for Garrett to stay alive just a little while longer, if only he could have been used to help the gang discover the identity of The Benefactor. Kate already tried to get information about Season 4's main villain out of a different assassin, who she promptly allowed her berserkers to kill when he was unable to reveal any new tidbits. But perhaps Scott and his wolf pack could have forced Garrett to manipulate the dead pool assassin system and find a way to get The Benefactor's identity. Or maybe he could have helped the gang find the identities of the other assassins, at the very least.

Oh well. Hopefully Scott and the wolf pack will quickly be able to get some answers without Garrett, because things are getting more and more grim by the second.

Images: MTV; braederek/Tumblr