A Teen Assassin Went After Scott On 'Teen Wolf,' Which Was a Questionable Move Considering His Track Record

There's something you gotta understand about Teen Wolf 's Scott McCall: He's not just some hunky high school student who could definitely pass for 22. He is, rather, the resident werewolf messiah of Beacon Hills. He's the sweet prince of the California supernatural community. He is, as Isaac put it last season, a hot chick in the grand analogy of Beacon Hills High. He's beloved. Which is why it was pretty damn dumb that one of Beacon Hills' new teen assassins tried to straight-up off him in Monday's "I.E.D."

Granted, combine the words "teen" and "assassin" and you don't necessarily get an image that denotes mountains of experience and quality decision-making. How does one become a teen assassin? Is it just a crappy home life, then getting discovered by a shadowy figure who'll pay you to murder some strangers? Or were they raised by the shadowy figures all along? Is it a Hunger Games situation? Whatever it is, I assume there were shadowy figures.

Regardless, the teen assassins — Garrett and Violet, played by Mason Dye and Samantha Logan — have taken up residency at Beacon Hills High School and are looking for blood. They chose to go after this blood during a lacrosse scrimmage, because Teen Wolf seems to be working overtime to make its audience associate lacrosse with constant murder, kidnapping, and occasional shirtlessness. Garrett, to his slight credit, suggested that they go for a beta instead of murdering Scott this time around, as Scott McCall's the kind of dude who can escape an entire alpha pack trying to kill him and actually resolve it with a few of them trying to be his pals.

Violet, however, saw dollar signs. And so she set up a trap.

Listen here, Violet: It's pretty obvious you don't know what show you're on. He's Scott McCall. I'm pretty sure there's a literal puppy where his heart is, and he's a genuine badass beside that. There is literally no way you're gonna win here.

It was actually kind of comical how poorly her plan went. Step 1: Lure bitchy rival lacrosse player into locker room. Step 2: Confirm bitchy rival lacrosse player is yet another teenage werewolf. Step 3: Start to strangle him. Step 4: Scott McCall busts in. Step 5: Trap him, make smug speech about how much money you're gonna get after you murder him. Step 6: Scott McCall is having none of your shit.

You don't mess with a true alpha, lady. He's like Harry Potter: He got where he is through the power of love.

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