'OUAT' Has Cast Everyone But Olaf

Listen, Once Upon a Time. I was fine with the fact that Olaf from Frozen isn't going to be in Season 4 because I felt your pain. The CGI required for Olaf would be expensive and time-consuming on a television show's budget. Not to mention you had a point when you said that Olaf's story had been concluded to great satisfaction in the film. I was sad, of course, but I understood. Now you've lost me again. Kristoff, Anna, and Elsa have all been cast and have even begun filming their roles in the next season, information about which I await with bated breath. Even better, Tyler Jacob Moore has been cast as Prince Hans to stir up trouble starting from the third episode of Season 4. However, John Rhys-Davies has also been cast as the voice of Pabbie and that's where you lost me. Pabbie the troll king is going to be on OUAT and Olaf isn't?!

From a storytelling angle, I can see why Grand Pabbie would be a better choice than Olaf. He stirred up more conflict than Olaf did, after all. If he hadn't given Elsa's parents that really vague and really terrible advice — and chosen to erase all of Anna's memories of Elsa's magic "just to be safe" — then the entire movie plot wouldn't have happened. We know from when we see him again later in the movie that he knows how to give a straight answer, so he must just have been trolling (pun intended) the royal family in his opening scene. Comparatively, Olaf solves more problems than he causes, so he's probably a walking dues ex machina.

However, according to spoilers, OUAT's Frozen storyline will cover Anna and Kristoff's wedding, and you're telling me that Olaf wasn't invited? The living symbol of Elsa and Anna's love for each other — and the vaguely creepy animate snowman that kept Anna alive long enough to complete her act of true love — isn't going to appear at Anna and Kristoff's wedding? What are you trying to say, Once Upon a Time? Did Olaf just wander off into the North Mountain to hang out with Marshmallow? Did Hans kick his head off the top of the mountain where no one would ever find it?

Olaf's glaring absence from Season 4 can be handwaved in some vague explanation, but there's no explanation for why he wouldn't be at Anna's wedding unless we're not actually going to get to see the wedding. There's no clue yet as to how Pabbie is going to fit into the storyline, but according to E! Online Hans has been described as "having a serious chip on his shoulder and a burning desire to be king" on OUAT just like in Frozen. Anna and Elsa — and Storybrooke — had better watch their backs. With how close Hans came to winning in Frozen, without Olaf there to save everyone until they can save themselves, Storybrooke is probably doomed.

Image: Disney; theladyelsa/Tumblr