What Is Jake's Undercover Assignment on 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'? And How Long Will It Take?

Who knew that by the end of Season 1 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine that Jake Peralta would prove himself to be such a good cop? In the season finale of the freshman drama — which will return for Season 2 Sunday, September 28Jake was upgraded to undercover FBI in order to continue an investigation he started while on the Nine-Nine unit. And while I know so many people are dying to know what will happen between Jake and Amy now that Jake has revealed his feelings for her, the first question that needs to be answered is: when will Jake be back on his beloved squad?

To answer that, we have to look into the undercover mission itself. In the Season 1 finale "Charges and Specs," Jake investigated community leader and philanthropist Lucas Wint on charges of money laundering even though Police Commissioner Podalski ordered that he drop the case. Podalski, if you remember, is the father of the kid who tagged police cars with penises earlier in the season. When Jake refuses to drop the investigation, he is brought up on the aforementioned "charges and specs" and must submit to an internal investigation of his own to determine if he should be suspended. While gathering the necessary evidence he needs against Wint, Captain Holt comes to Jake and asks him to not only keep the evidence to himself, but also get himself fired. Why? The FBI is investigating Wint on his mob connection and they want Jake to go undercover to infiltrate the crime organization. So how long will this plan last?

Well, according to an interview with creators Mike Schur and Dan Goor, there will be a gap between the time that Jake started his investigation and the beginning of Season 2, Jake is still undercover while the Nine-Nine gang is going back to business as usual. Jake's investigation might also not be shown in its entirety. Mike Schur said that when trying to decide what to show versus what to leave out, the tone of the show is a comedy and everything they show has to funny. "We're not going to suddenly present people with something that's horrifying and dark and bleak," he said. Hopefully will get some great scenes of Jake trying to fit in with mobsters in over-the-top ways. Remember when he dressed up as a ballroom dancer to infiltrate the community center where Wint kept his files? Like that, but way better.

I genuinely hope Jake can help the FBI get a collar on this case and it forces him to decide if he wants to move forward in his career and try and join the organization full-time. He's already proved he has the skills, but it will all depend on his feelings for his Nine-Nine family — specifically Santiago. If he does not help catch Wint, then I hope he fails in a spectacular fashion because wouldn't that just be more fun than the bad guys getting away?

Images: Fox; rashaka/Tumblr