There May Be Hope For These Crazy Kids

by Casey Rackham

Ah, the age-old question: Will they or won't they? It's the question that TV fans from many generations have asked about their favorite on-screen partners, and it's the question that never has an answer that appeals to everyone. In this particular case, the debate is whether or not Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago will be together in Season 2 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Although we won't know their fate until the Golden Globe-winning comedy returns this fall, we can make some highly educated guesses about which scenarios we'll be seeing the unlikely couple (hysterically and weirdly) navigating.

By the end of the finale of the freshman-now-sophomore comedy, we were left with quite a few twists and turns: Peralta (Andy Samberg) was fake-fired from the precinct and is now working undercover on an FBI case; Peralta admitted his feelings to Santiago (Melissa Fumero) even though she's with Teddy; and, in possibly the best twist ever, Gina and Boyle woke up in bed together. And although most of us probably just want to talk about how ridiculous Gina's and Boyle's children would be, the more realistic couple to follow is Peralta and Santiago since they have an actual chance of making a relationship work (maybe). I mean, look at these two:

But anyway... Like various couples from Brooklyn Nine-Nine's peer shows — Nick and Jess from New Girl and Mindy and Danny from The Mindy Project — two of its leading characters have hit a wall. Because of Jake's big emotional reveal at the end of the episode, the writers are pretty much forced to deal with the two detectives' relationship. They can't just let it sit in still water and hope that some weird fungi grows on it that will magically transform the situation. Choices have to be made. Here are a few that we think the relationship could surface during Season 2:

Hello, Perpetual Sexual Tension

The positives: Everyone likes some good ol' sexual chemistry!

The negatives: Dragging out the will-they-won't-they saga has the potential to annoy the audience. At some point, we just want to know if and when it's going to happen.

They've Already Tried & Failed At The Relationship Thing

The positives: We can smoothly get over the speedbump that is their relationship and not have to deal with too much drama. And although it might be tricky to align the flashbacks with Peralta's time away from the precinct, it might just happen since co-creator Mike Shur revealed in an interview with HitFix that flashbacks might be used to help show Peralta's undercover gig.

The negatives: It's kind of totally a copout. Since the writers chose to reveal Peralta's feelings towards Santiago, it would be pretty annoying to see them be like, "JK, we just wanted to do that for funsies, but nothing's actually going to happen."

They Start Their Relationship in The Season 2 Premiere

The positives: Their relationship won't be a wishy-washy pile of mush anymore, and we'll get to see how "Everything Has to be My Way" Santiago will cope with "I Don't Give a Shit About Anyone" Peralta.

The negatives: Besides the instant ramifications of me vomming everywhere at the decision of putting them together, it's probably only going to end up in heartbreak and awkwardness. Does anyone really think they'd make a relationship work? (Not everyone can be Leslie and Ben from Parks and Recreation.) Plus, even Fumero admitted that she doesn't think Peralta is mature enough to balance a relationship with Santiago.

They Don't Do Anything Romantic At All

The positives: We won't have to deal with the mess that would be their relationship.

The negatives: The audience will most definitely feel cheated, and it will be like the twist was just a complete waste of fun possibilities.

The good news is that the writers definitely don't want to leave us hanging. According to an interview with Give Me My Remote, co-creator Dan Goor revealed that there will most likely be a time-jump and that the writers are working on a way to solve the question raised in the season finale. More specifically, he said that "it's hard to figure out a new version of a will-they-won't-they" and they're "trying to make [their] relationship as fun and funny as possible." Yay, for fun and funny things! That's what we all really want in the end, right?

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