6 Summer Shoes That Work Just As Well For Fall, And No, They Aren't All Booties

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With the calendar turning to August on Friday, summer is in the home stretch and is slowly giving up her fight, as days become shorter and the the prospect of cooler days, layered ensembles, and leaves crunching under my feet make me smile. Fall is my favorite season, because I like warm bevvies, pumpkins, the woods, Halloween, and foliage. I look forward to adding another blanket to the bed, pulling out a Mike & Chris leather hoodie, and a burnout skull scarf.

For years, I often wore flip flops (but never the kind with heels, don't you worry) well into October, because I could. But this year, I've already started transitioning away from my normally favorite summer shoe, although there are plenty of other ethical summer footwear options, in favor of cloth Mary Janes. I always wore those in college and they are very '90s, so I am succumbing to the '90s-are-back nostalgia in fashion and even plan on wearing black, eight-hole docs with leggings through the fall. I have also been wearing slip-on Rocket Dog sneakers. They are light, comfy, and cute, and a fashionable alternative to flip flops, especially when I am two days away from a fresh pedi.

These casual shoes are perfect for summer and fall, before the deep chill sets in. They are stylish and multi-purpose.

1. Cloth Mary Janes Offer Little Support But Are So Cute

Full disclosure: The cloth/cotton Mary Janes offer little in the way of support. But they are so freaking cute. I mean, look at that little strap. I wear them with skinnies and leggings, and I reinforce the sole with cushion inserts from Dr. Scholl's to pad the balls and heels of my feet. Your foot is only partially exposed, which makes them wearable in fall while being light enough for summer. (2 for $20, urbanoutfitters.com)

2. Rocket Dog Slip-Ons Are Sneaker-Like

These Rocket Dog slip-ons are aces, but this particular pair might be easier to find on eBay. Zappos and Amazon have similar styles from the brand, the shape of which are cute and trendy. They are insanely comfortable, offering the support of a sneaker, but the lightness of a boat shoe. That makes 'em multi-seasonal. (Price varies, zappos.com)

3. Taylor Swift For Keds Are More Adorbs Than You Think

T. Swizzle is known for her classics and basics, with pearls, sweaters, and sets, but her range of slim sneakers for Keds, also an American classic, boasts shoes that are way more adorbs than I ever expected. I admit I was expecting boooooorrrrrriiiiinnnng; they are anything but. This pair is my fave and are rocker-like, but there are tons of colors and prints. ($60, keds.com)

4. No, Really, They Are

This polka dot pair looks cute with boyfriend jeans or super short cut-offs. Don't you love Swift's version of the Louboutin sole? Red as blood, but in a totally different yet equally signature way.

5. Statement Platforms

These strappy black wedges by Chinese Laundry, with a towering brown platform, work with dresses and shorts, as well as ankle-length skinnies and skirts. So, yeah, for summer and for fall. Also, if you're daring, maybe add some socks? It's fashionable, I swear. ($59, lulus.com)

6. Cut-Out Booties

Besides being super fashion-forward and unique, these cut-out booties by Sixtyseven are perfect to pair with cute, frilly, summery dresses, thereby toughening up a femme look. They would also work just fine with cuffed boyfriend jeans or skinnies, too. Since they are so unique, they are excellent partners for basics and layers in the fall! ($125, lulus.com)

Images: Amy Sciarretto (2); Keds (2); Lulus (2)