NIna Dobrev On What's Ahead for Elena in Season 6

What color eyes does Elena Gilbert have? Vampire Diaries actress Nina Dobrev, when she's not busy mourning the death of Damon Salvatore and jetting off to Paris Fashion Week, is making eye color a fashion statement again. Seriously. Dobrev, who's about to start work on TVD Season 6, and her stylist Ilaria Urbinati opened up to Bustle about what we can expect from Elena in the upcoming season of TVD and how she's reviving the color contacts trend with Air Optix Colors.

So, what can we expect from Elena Gilbert in Season 6? Well, she's definitely going through some physical changes. "I do have a lot of creative say in what I wear as Elena and depending on whatever’s going on on the show," Dobrev says. "She started as like, an All-American girl-next-door and now she’s growing up and so her style’s definitely evolved a lot." Is there a particular style for "Girlfriend In Mourning?" Like Dobrev said, we've seen a huge shift in Elena — especially when she went through her no-humanity phase. And I can't imagine that she's taking the death of the love of her life lightly.

At the Vampire Diaries panel at San Diego Comic Con (where Dobrev was actually wearing a pair of Air Optix colored lenses), the actress revealed to TV Guide's Damien Holbrook that Elena's in "not in a happy place" and that she's dealing with her grief in an interesting way. Are we going to see a red-eyed, angry Elena Gilbert in Season 6? Possibly.

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The star and her stylist, Urbinati, revealed that they've been working on playing around with colors in unexpected ways, and while she doesn't work with Dobrev on TVD's costumes, that should remind Elena fans about that time she put bright red highlights in her hair in Season 4. Clearly Dobrev and Urbinati's collaborative relationship when it comes to styling the star has been working its way into the 25-year-old actress' creative decisions on set. Check out the full interview with Dobrev and Urbinati below.

As Urbinati explains, "color contacts is another way to bring color into what we do and to coordinate with outfits," because it adds a little something extra and, well, Dobrev looks amazing in it.

So, will you be able to recognize Elena Gilbert in Season 6? Sure, but she might have striking blue or green eyes as an homage to the sadly departed Damon.

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