'Supernatural's Musical Episode Should Make Sam & Demon Dean Sing About Their Lives

It's one of the most popular themes to use in television: the musical episode. And now a fan favorite CW drama will attempt it as well. That's right Supernatural 's 200th episode will be a musical episode. First of all, can we just appreciate that show has been on long enough to warrant 200 episodes and ten seasons? That is a true feat of brilliance by the cast, crew, and fans. And what better way to celebrate that feat than by giving the fans an opportunity to see some of their favorite characters sing and possibly even dance? The title of the episode is fittingly called "Fanfiction," it will be appropriately meta and according to showrunner Jeremy Carver, it is a love letter to fans. So what exactly can those fans expect to see in this episode?

Well so far all we know about the episode is that it is considered "musical-ish." No extra information was given about what exactly that means, and Misha Collins and Mark Shepherd — Castiel and Crowley — said they have yet to see a script for the episode when they were interviewed by TVLine at Comic-Con. Jeremy Carver told E! Online a few tidbits about the episode, including that there could be some dancing involved, more than one song will be featured, and there will be original songs as well as covers. Jared Padalecki has already explained the plot of the episode a bit (the boys investigate a haunting at a play based on the books about their lives), but what about these songs? And who's going to be singing?

Let's just start with the obvious truth: If Dean and Sam don't sing, it'll be a travesty. Fans will riot. Hell, I'll start the riot. It would be completely irresponsible to not let the boys let out a few tunes, especially considering the types of songs Dean loves to listen to in his Impala. The question is will Dean still be a demon in this episode? If so, then him singing is probably more likely as Jensen Ackles revealed that Demon Dean apparently loves karaoke.

Here's what I'm hoping: Just as Sam and Dean had to pretend to be themselves when they went to the Supernatural fan convention in Season 5, perhaps they will have incorporate themselves into the production of the books based on their own lives. And that means singing and dancing to scenes of them taking on Lucifer, killing ghosts, and everything else they've done for ten seasons. And maybe the boys ask for help on this little haunting from Castiel and Crowley, only to have them come and sing as well.

As for the songs? There better be some covers of Black Sabbath, Motorhead, and Metallica for Dean to jam out to, unless Demon Dean loves a different genre of music. Could you even imagine Dean singing Taylor Swift, for example? Actually, that would be brilliant. Please make that happen, Supernatural writers.

Images: CW; mizzkilljoy, crazyfinnishgirl/Tumblr