Cara Loves Animals More Than You Love Anything

Cara Delevingne stars in the fall Topshop ad campaign completely solo..well, besides the bunny of course. On Monday, the British brand's Twitter feed got our fashion hearts flowing with tweet after tweet featuring pretty pictures of Delevingne and her dreamy ads for the brand. Delevingne is the the first person to lead the Topshop campaign solo, and the ads will be featured for the fall/winter 2014 seasons. Plus, to no one's surprise, Delevigne continues her tradition of posing with animals in fashion campaigns — this time it's a small rabbit perched atop her head.

The video campaign that Topshop tweeted out shows Delevingne...well, being herself. She talks candidly to the camera, plays with the bunny, does the worm, and plays with a light saber. The theme for the campaign is #ILOVETOPSHOP which Delevingne adorably has the bunny "say" in the clip. Whiile the Topshop campaign is new, her starring in ad campaigns and playing with animals while doing so is certainly not. Delevingne and her furry friends are also the stars of Mulberry campaigns, not to mention the Cara Wants You DKNY ad campaign. Let's take a peek at the history of Cara D and her animal following, shall we?


Samir Hussein/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

High fashion model or animal whisperer? I think she's both.

Images: Mulberry