'Friends' Episode With No Jokes Turns the Show Into an Unbearably Serious Drama — VIDEO

Some things in life just go together, like pizza + happiness, Tom Hiddleston + Shakespeare, and Friends + its laugh track. But what happens when the jokes in Friends get erased from the show? YouTube user Tunglebrek discovered that Friends without the jokes makes it a super somber drama where everyone takes apothecary tables really seriously.

For the laughless experiment, the YouTuber chose to cut the jokes from the Season 6 episode where Joey's girlfriend doesn't like Monica and Rachel doesn't want Phoebe to know she bought her "vintage" apothecary table at Pottery Barn.

Without the humor, everyone essentially becomes Ross: a.k.a. overdramatic. Joey dumps his girlfriend because his friends mean more to him, Rachel threatens to move out of Phoebe's house unless she buys a lamp from Pottery Barn, and Monica assaults Joey's girlfriend with a trash bag. Ross screaming "MY APOTHECARY TABLE" after it gets spilled on is actually not even the most dramatic part of the show.

The almost three-minute clip (yes, let that sink in, Friends is only about three minutes of plot and 19 minutes of jokes) also features next-to-no Chandler scenes because it turns out, his character is 99 percent humor.

So I guess we should all be glad Friends was never a drama because then we wouldn't have Chandler Bing in our lives, and that would be a shame.

Check out serious Friends below:

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