Who is Heidi Klum's Boyfriend? The 'Project Runway' Host Shares Photo of New Beau — PHOTO

Sad news for those rooting for a Heidi Klum and Seal reconciliation—Heidi's got a new man, y'all! Well, this isn't exactly new news because she's reportedly been dating her beau Vito Schnabel for the past few months. But Klum confirmed their romantic status for the first time by sharing the couple's vacation photo on Instagram, which makes this a major development because in today's social media-filled world, that's the official way to declare a relationship official. Now naturally, a pair of statuesque creatures such as these two make for quite the handsome couple, but what else is there to know about Klum's new boyfriend, other than the fact that I love pronouncing his last name? Say it with me, Shn-ah-bul. Now that that's outta the way, here's some background info on Klum's new guy.

At 28 years old, Schnabel's 13 years younger than Klum. That's an interesting fact, but it's certainly not surprising. Klum's personality, appearance, accomplishments and unique way with words would make her an ideal mate for anyone. Having said that, perhaps Schnabel does have a thing for older women and models. Reportedly, he was romantically involved with Demi Moore after she split from Ashton Kutcher and was previously linked to Elle Macpherson and Liv Tyler.

Aside from not shying away from PDA, Schnabel's widely known for his interest in displays of an artistic nature. He works as an art curator in New York and his father is the renowned artist and film director Julian Schnabel, famous for directing films Before the Night Falls and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.E! News reports that Klum and Schnabel have already embarked upon their fair share of romantic getaways.

With the relationship being so new, maybe that's a sign of a strong connection and evidence that this time, Klum and her new boyfriend will somehow manage to make it work.

Here's a photo of the lovely couple below:

Image: HeidiKlum/Instagram