Her Website Was Just Trashed by Martha Stewart

Oven burn! Recently, queen of all things mason jar and lemon-flavored Martha Stewart trashed Blake Lively's new lifestyle website, Preserve, going as far as calling it "stupid." When asked what she thought of Lively following in her footsteps, making the foray into the land of online domesticity, Stewart said, "Let her try." Being that Lively and Stewart are friends (Martha helped plan Blake's wedding and the pair live near each other in NYC), Stewart's comments should be taken with a grain of salt — but man, the woman didn't mince words. She even added, "I don't mean that facetiously! I mean, it's stupid, she could be an actress! Why would you want to be me if you could be an actress? I just did a movie yesterday, though — I can't even tell you about it — but I want to be Blake Lively."

Stewart's remarks are certainly among the stranger, dare I say, more passive-aggressive things out there (it's like, does she like Blake or think she's stupid?), and there's no doubt that, regardless of their relationship, the words had to have hurt Blake. Lively has long been an admirer of Martha's and is (attempting) to model a career after her — imagine your idol calling your new venture "stupid?" Even if it was tongue-in-cheek? Frosting knife to the heart! Meat thermometer to the gut! Other kitchen gadget to other body part!

Poor Blake. She's been card-carrying lover of baking and domesticity for years now, and thus far, her lifestyle site (which she would prefer you refer to as a "new street," or a "sort of greatest hits of "Main Street, USA," thankyouverymuch) hasn't been met with open arms thus far. In fact, people don't really seem to like Lively's Preserve very much at all. Naturally, there have been the inevitable comparison's to Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop, which people love to hate on, but my guess is no insult has stung Blake as much as Stewart's. If you don't have the stamp of approval from Martha, why bother, amiright?

Here, the likely emotions of Blake Lively after hearing the news... as told in GIFs, naturally.

Stage I: Smiling Through the Pain

Stage II: Wait, Wha?

Stage III: Okay, now I'm officially annoyed

Stage IV: Utter Devastation

Hang in there, girl.

Images: Tons of Gifs/Tumblr; FanPop; Momsen RPH/Tumblr; Tayo RPS/Tumblr