The Wait For Season 2 Will Be Worth It

by Kristie Rohwedder

THE CAMPAIGN COULD BE A STORYLINE AFTER ALL. Ack, sorry to freak out on you right out of the gate. Allow me to back up a bit: Thomas Ravenel told South Carolina media outlet The State that fans will have to be patient for Southern Charm Season 2. According to T-Rav, the show will not crash into our living rooms like the polo helmet-wearing, pig-hunting, bourbon-spiked Kool-Aid Man that it is until sometime after the Nov. 4 election. (And no, there isn't a set date.)

Yes, we'll have to wait a while for the fresh batch of episodes, but there's a brilliant and beautiful silver lining: According to The State, show producers are following T-Rav's quest for a seat in the Senate. Part of me worried there was a chance T-Rav could decide to keep SC and the election entirely separate, but now my fears have hit the road and they aren't looking back.

On July 17, Shep Rose tweeted that he thinks the show will begin shooting in August, and given that Season 1 spanned a couple of months (how'd I figure that out? Well, ep 5 was the Carolina Day party, which is a June holiday, and the finale showed the cast celebrating the Fourth of July. Some seriously advanced sleuthing going on over here), I don't think I'm throwing a wild pitch when I guesstimate that the show could catch a decent-sized slice of T-Rav's campaign.

AUGHHHHHHH THE WAIT FOR THE PREMIERE WILL BE WORTH IT. Of course the thought of watching one of the stars of one of my favorite reality shows run for Senate is giving me heart palpitations. Kidding me? I am so excited, I cannot stand it.

Image: Bravo