'Big Brother's Zach Attacks Amber at the Power of Veto Ceremony & He Might Be Worse Than Caleb

Oops, he did it again. Even though the other Big Brother houseguests and all of those watching at home are still recuperating from Zach's outlandish and offensive speech during the nomination ceremony on last Sunday night's episode, he apparently went on the rampage again during the Power of Veto ceremony. And as you might expect, it wasn't pretty.

Team America wasn't able to complete its mission to get two houseguests to argue during the nomination ceremony, so seeing how gung ho Zach was this week to burn every bridge he has built in the Big Brother house so far, they decided to use him to try to accomplish the challenge. During the live feeds, Team America reasoned that if they get Zach to yell at a houseguest for at least 20 seconds, they'll complete the mission. Yes, that is not what the original mission was supposed to be, so that probably means the rules have been changed to better suit what's going on in the house with Zach's antics. Sometimes that's just the way things go in reality TV land.

So Zach agreed to plan another one of his "Zach Attacks," and give yet another crazy speech during the Power of Veto ceremony. Since Zach and Frankie began their reign as this week's HoHs, they have both been plotting to backdoor Amber.

With that in mind, Zach crafted a truly gag-worthy speech all about how Caleb, referred to in the speech by his nickname "Beast Mode Cowboy," went on the block, froze in the Have-Nots room, and ate a pickle for Amber, and she has basically thrown all of that back in his face instead of falling madly in love with the guy as she should have. Seriously, Zach? Here's the most cringeworthy part of Zach's speech, which was transcribed from the live feeds by Big Brother Network.

Amber, this is really just a disgrace. How do you think your family feels? Watching you treat this lovely gentleman, who has given his all to you, like trash? Amber, this isn't the first or the second that Beast Mode Cowboy has saved your life in this game. He is the only person in this house that you can trust. Amber, Beast Mode Cowboy is now the reason today why you are sitting in that orange chair and possibly walking out the door three days from now.

Even grosser than you imagined, huh? The speech plays into Caleb's potentially dangerous feelings about Amber all season, namely that if he does all of these grand gestures for her, she has to love him. As Matthew Boyer of Big Brother Network points out, it's difficult to tell whether Zach is making a genuine argument here for the rationale behind backdooring Amber or if he is just continuing his entertaining off-the-wall behavior this week in an attempt to mock Caleb's feelings for Amber. Either way, giving any air time to an argument justifying Caleb's actions this season has enormous potential to make viewers think what Caleb has done to Amber is okay, too, and that is so, so wrong.

The live feeds went dark during the Power of Veto ceremony, so we don't know for sure what Zach said, but it looks like he followed his speech pretty closely. As winner of the Power of Veto this week, Hayden (Yes, all of that from Zach, and he didn't even actually win the Veto), went along with Frankie and Zach's plan and removed Victoria from the block, and Frankie made the backdooring of Amber "offish."

This just makes me feel all kinds of sad for Amber. She showed so much promise to finally break up the boys' club and make it all the way to the end, but with so much working against her in the house, she never really stood a chance.

Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS; nedskalantar, gomaksomerice/Tumblr