'Big Brother's Frankie Grande Gets Criticized For Inappropriate "Kill Yourself" Comment — VIDEO

Frankie Grande is a fan favorite both inside and outside of the Big Brother house. The audience can't get enough of him — and it's no longer just because Frankie is Ariana Grande's brother — and everyone inside the house either loves him or acknowledges that he's exerting influence over just about everyone else. At this point, Frankie can backstab anyone that he wants and still have them trust him afterward, so he's going to be a hard person to evict. However, Frankie is coming under fire now for a really good reason. Jocasta Odom, the minister and notorious floater who also apparently speaks in tongues, is pretty much everyone's go-to choice for filling a seat up on the block. However, Jocasta's sister slammed Frankie for saying Jocasta should kill herself and she's got a good point.

The incident in question happened while Frankie was talking game on Big Brother. In the 13 second clip provided by TMZ, Frankie states, "If she is pissed at me for putting up someone who's going to go home next to her, then she can kill herself." While it's obvious that Frankie isn't in any way serious nor did he say such a comment to Jocasta's face, it's still an odd turn of phrase to come out of his mouth mere days after Jocasta led the memorial service for his and Derrick's grandfathers who both recently passed away.

"It was an ignorant statement and the little respect I had for him just went out the window," said Jocasta's sister Miranda Chelsea to TMZ. "It shows the lack of maturity he has."

Honestly, she's right to be upset. Not only is a statement like that incredibly harmful and just uncomfortable to hear, especially when said as casually as Frankie said it, but it also ties in to the general lack of respect that Frankie and the other house guests have for Jocasta. Jocasta has been up on the block so many times that the entire reason she's still in the Big Brother house is that she hasn't been the designated target yet. As easily as Frankie can toss out a "kill yourself" in reference to her, so too can she be easily booted from the house if it ever comes down to it.

Then there's the general fact that there are about a hundred different ways that Frankie could have ended that sentence more appropriately. Some fans have become furious at Frankie for the comment as well, while others brushed it off as irrelevant, but Jocasta's family can't be expected to simply ignore something like that. It's an incredibly hurtful and insensitive statement and Frankie should have known better.

Image: CBS; husssel/Tumblr