Frankie Already Has 'Big Brother' in the Bag

To be considered "untouchable" in the Big Brother game is one of the best adjectives you can receive as a houseguest. And although I am not in the game and what I think doesn't really matter, I do consider Frankie Grande untouchable in the Big Brother house. From the very beginning, Frankie has been playing a very social game, something that no other houseguest currently playing is doing. He has befriended everyone in the house, and who wouldn't like him? Frankie is entertaining, a kind person, and tells people exactly what they want to hear. And although acting as a yes-man in the Big Brother house can, in the long run, hurt your game, with the current stats as they are (the former bomb squad ruling the house), Frankie's yes personality is exactly what he needs to move further in the game. In fact, Frankie's personality might have already won him the game.

So far in the game, Frankie has befriended and betrayed a lot of people. I'm not criticizing that at all, it's Big Brother, you've got to do what you've got to do. First, Frankie and Victoria seemed like instant friends, but just days into the house Frankie nominated Victoria for eviction. And she was heartbroken.

Then just one week later, after America fell in love with the showmance to end all showmances, Zankie, Frankie told Devin, who thankfully has been since evicted, that Zach needed to go up on the block. Frankie even encouraged Zach to blow up at Devin during the Veto ceremony, attacking him as a father (which for the record, Zach probably would have done anyway). Frankie suggesting such a confrontation really makes you think his loyalty is to one person, himself (as it should be). But, what do these two betrayals have in common? No one has stayed mad at him since. In fact, this was Zach's reaction after the whole Frankie betrayal went down:

In addition to Frankie's betrayals that no one seems to care about, Frankie is excellent at not getting any blood on his hands, which in this game, is as good as $500,000. During Cody's HOH, Donny suggested that Cody nominate Caleb for the empty nomination spot, and Caleb was totally for it. That was until Frankie got word of it, and realizing that Caleb going home wouldn't be best for his game, Frankie told Cody he needed to nominate Donny. And although Donny wasn't necessarily his target for eviction, Frankie realized he still needed Caleb in this game to further his own. Why? Because everyone, including us, is talking about Caleb. And when people are talking about Caleb, they aren't talking about Frankie. Genius.

After Thursday's live show, Zach and Frankie were once again reunited as the two Heads of Household. Immediately, the house was thrown into a whirlpool of drama, everyone was running around trying to find out who Zach and Frankie were going to nominate. Actually, I take that back, everyone was worried who Zach was going to nominate. On Big Brother After Dark, the entire two-hours were spent worrying about who Zach was going to put up on the block with multiple people saying they would come after him if he nominated them, but no one seemed to remember that Frankie was also going to be nominating two people. Whether this is the houseguests fault for worrying too much about Zach, or whether Frankie just knows how to keep a low profile, both instances help Frankie's game immensely.

I think it will be a while until the time comes for Frankie to be nominated, although it will have to happen eventually. For now, everyone seems to focus on getting a certain number of houseguests out, and the less Frankie's name gets mentioned on that evictee list, the greater chance he has to work his way to the final few houseguests. And if he makes it to the final two, where he will have to explain himself to the jury, Frankie will have a laundry list of game moves he made in the house that the other houseguests will never see coming.

CBS might as well sign Frankie's check now, because it looks like this guy is taking it all.

Images: Look-bitchhh, ZankieDoodle/Tumblr