Orlando Bloom Punches Justin Bieber & The Internet Goes Wild

Orlando. Bloom. Remember about a decade ago when he was the heartthrob for whom you would pine, as you scribbled his last name next to your first with a heart? He was your Hollywood hero and now, it looks like Bloom has become the Internet's hero, too, since he threw a punch at Justin Bieber on Tuesday night in Ibiza (where obviously, shit gets cray). Never before has a man's media personality so swiftly become swaggering and fierce, and the ultimate peanut gallery of the universe, Twitter, has taken notice, of course.

Unsurprisingly, not everyone who's taken to Twitter has proclaimed Bloom to be his or her guiding light — some used the Lord of the Rings actor's sudden resurgence into the popular conscience as an opportunity to take a crack at him. But you've got to admit: the heartthrob also known as Legolas sure knows how to throw a punch at both the Biebs (even if he allegedly missed, it's all in the effort) and at the media. Did you think Bloom was only relevant whenever a Pirates of the Caribbean or a Hobbit movie comes out? Think again! Bloom is BACK, and throwin' punches — literally. Commenters welcome.

Let's take a look at how the Internet's reacted to this whole thing, shall we?

And then, there is this piece of gold:

Oh, Internet. You sure know how to react to stuff.