Andi & Josh Need Cohabitation Advice

So, Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray are totally in l-u-v, which is not necessarily a requirement for post Bachelor and Bachelorette couples. But in this case, the Bachelorette and the man that she chose are not only enamored with one another, engaged, but now, as People reports, Andi and Josh are moving in together. HOLY ROMANCE. Even though we know things are serious between them since, you know, they're getting married, cohabitation is a whole different bag of tricks. It forces you to come to terms with your significant other's foibles and say, "I'll love you despite your weird stuffed animal collection and/or the fact that you hoard empty water bottles. I will sleep next to you if you snore and when you have the flu. It's my flu now."

When people talk about cohabitation, they usually refer to couples who decide to live under one roof before they've put a ring on it, but since Andi and Josh are moving in after they've become engaged, this means they've already signed up for an eternity, eschewing any naysayer's comments that they might be lackadaisical about their long term commitment to one another. These two are in it for the long haul. That said, if they're shacking up, that means their love is legit, and not a media ploy (but you could probably tell that they are sincerely in love from their body language, right?).

But no matter how committed two people are to one another, there's that old adage — you don't know someone til you've lived together, so let's give these two TV stars some advice before they officially use the same set of dishes.

Pick your battles

On The Bachelorette, it's easy to let some battles slide since a) you can talk about it to the camera later or b) it gets edited out. When you live with a significant other, it's so key to decide if "YOU NEVER TAKE OUT THE GARBAGE" is worth all caps and yelling. It might be worth a mention, but it's probably not worth a screaming match. A trail of toenail clippings leading to the bathroom, however, might be worthy of a stern tone. (But fortunately, Andi knows how to handle honesty with class, and she knows when to speak up and not just say "ees okay.")

Leave the house

For the majority of a reality dating show, things are pretty sequestered — til things get serious and you go on trips and meet the fam, etc. But a key part of living together is having lives outside of your home, and getting out and experiencing things together, so that you can go home and be like, "that was an amazing walk in the park together. Ughhh grass and sunshine just make me so GODDAMNED HAPPY AND IN LOVE!"

Okay, so go out, but also stay in sometimes

You're building a home together! So enjoy it! (But, uh, be prepared for any home decor gifts like... lamps.)

Turn the cameras off

After a public life, you want private life, right? Even people who cohabit who aren't constantly leered at by the paparazzi know that not every moment needs to be documented for the public.

Don't rush

So, you're engaged. You live together. Take your time. There's no need to get hitched or have a baby tomorrow. Enjoy being together — you've already decided to commit, so just experience being together and having a home for the first time. The cameras are (likely) off and you don't have to confess to the producers if you liked that dinner or not — just live together.

And both of you should take turns taking out the garbage.

Images: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube; ACuteLifestyle/Blogspot; Giphy (4)