Did Andi Get a Ring?

Another Bachelorette season has drawn to a close and this time it did end in a proposal. After sending Nick Viall home early, Bachelorette Andi Dorfman got engaged to Josh Murray in a scenic flower-filled setting. Before the proposal, Josh poured his heart out to Andi in a long, rambling speech punctuated with his cliches and cockiness like when he said, "I'm the only man who would make you happy." But apparently, that was true as Andi opened up about her own feelings and said the word love a lot. You could tell that finally saying the L-word was a huge relief for Andi after weeks of holding in her true feelings.

Even for the haters it was a really cute moment. It was clear that she was happy. She was engaged to the man she loved and was finally able to actually tell him she loved him for all the world to hear. In the end isn't that the point of this show? To find someone to fall in love with and marry? Josh may not be everyone's first choice, but he was Andi's first choice and that's all that matters.

Even the most staunch Josh-haters should be glad that Andi has found love. Will it work out with Josh? Who knows. But for now she's over-the-moon happy with her life and everyone should be glad about that. Her feelings towards Josh seemed sincere. As one Twitter user put it, "The way Andi said I love you to Josh is the same way I say it to burgers." Now that's true love.

So hate on Josh all you want, but you can't hate on true happiness. And from where I'm sitting, that's what this finale brought us in spades. So all the haters can just staaahhppp.

Congratulations to the newly engaged couple!