Could These Two Get Back Together Next Season?

So much has happened to all of the characters on Nashville that I'm not sure how to keep up or how the writers will be able to top themselves. At the end of Season 2 alone we saw two proposals for Rayna, Will coming out of the closet to his new wife Layla, Juliet telling Avery about sleeping with gross Jeff Fordham, and so much more. But despite all the drama this show creates regularly, I'm still sitting here wondering will happen to my favorite duo-turned-couple-turned-exes in Season 3: Scarlett and Gunnar.

These two artists teamed up to make one of the best duets in fake music history and then complicated everything by getting together and then breaking up. While I actually really liked the idea of Scarlett and Gunnar being together in a romantic way, the show kind of ruined that relationship.

Scarlett went on to get a record contract, then do drugs, spiral out of control, and ask to get out of her contract, all while Gunnar moved on with her best friend and continued to write and sing with her ex-boyfriend Avery. So is it finally time for the couple to get back together? Are they even emotionally ready to properly jump back into a relationship? At this point, I'll settle with at least the two of them being singing and writing partners.

Time for some real talk. Gunnar and Scarlett have a chemistry that is undeniable. It oozes out every time they're onscreen together, the peak of which occurs when they're performing together. But these two need to get their acts together first. In an interview with Metro, Sam Palladio, the man of my dreams who plays Gunnar, said he believes Scarlett and Gunnar will find their way back to each other in one way or another, most likely as writing/singing partners again, despite Scarlett's desire to step away from the music scene at the moment.

I'm going to have to agree with Sam here. For now, it seems as though the duo should get back into the business swing of things, because the only time that Scarlett actually seemed to enjoy writing and performing was when she was doing it with Gunnar.

Gunnar is also still dating Zoe, so even if he and Scarlett were to start getting close to each other again, he can't ignore the fact that he's in a relationship. Sure, Gunnar and Zoe's romance seems to be a bit shaky right now, but it's not over and that's important to remember. Gunnar will have to decide what and who he wants in life right now and if the answer is Scarlett, he needs to be much more stable for her — unlike the last time they were together. We can't have him acting like a jerk, bailing on her and brooding again. He might have been mourning his brother's death, but that's still no way to treat someone that you care about.

As for Scarlett, she also needs to figure out what she wants and more importantly, she desperately needs to start standing up for herself, being her own woman, appreciating herself, her talent, and the strength she doesn't seem to think she has. I can't believe that Scarlett doesn't want to be in the music world anymore, not with music, lyrics, and a voice like that. Perhaps Gunnar can help her find her love for it again by performing together. And maybe from there, a proper, healthy relationship can begin again.

Images: ABC; fuckeahscarlettgunnar/Tumblr