'Seinfeld' Episode With No Jokes Makes the Characters Seem Downright Sociopathic – VIDEOS

Yesterday, a clip of an episode of Friends with all the jokes taken out began floating around the Internet. Predictably, it was strange and sort of mesmerizing — Friends, of course, is supposed to be a comedy, so without all the jokes, the episode sort of just turned into three minutes of serious drama briefly involving an apothecary table. Like, it's not right at all, but you can't tear your eyes away because it's like watching a train wreck and you just want to see how it all ends. Luckily for all of us, it doesn't end with that Friends clip: YouTube user Tunglebrek, who was behind the Friends with no jokes clip, also made similar no jokes compilations for Seinfeld and The Big Bang Theory , which, dare I say, are even weirder than the one for Friends.

For the Seinfeld edition, the clips are all taken from the season 4 episode "The Junior Mint," and for The Big Bang Theory edition, all the clips are taken from the season 4 episode "The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification." Both are great in their own ways (even for people who hate The Big Bang Theory and think it's super problematic, like myself), but the best is undoubtedly Seinfeld's is the best — who knew Kramer would seem like such a psycho if Seinfeld didn't have any jokes?

You can check out the clips below, and be sure to check the Friends one here.

Tanglebrook on YouTube
Tanglebrook on YouTube

Image: Sony Pictures Television