9 Times Beyonce Used Instagram as a Big Eff You to Divorce Rumors — PHOTOS

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Just another fine day in the land of Are Jay Z and Beyoncé Getting a Divorce or Not? Mighty fine weather we're having here today, wouldn't you say? Sunny and warm with just the slightest chance of tawdry rumors. Unless you've been, I don't know, reading a novel or something for the past few months, you're probably aware that every day new stories come out about Jay Z and Beyoncé's relationship — and unlike the Bey/Jay rumors of the past, these are the bad kind; the kind that make it seem like the couple is but a Mont Blanc away from signing divorce papers.

Oddly, though, every time a new piece of gossip comes out about the famous pair, Beyoncé winds up posting a sweet photo of her husband and/or her family to her Instagram. Coincidence? I certainly think not. Check out Bey's recent Instagram photos, which pretty much say the opposite of, "We're getting divorced."

Image: Beyoncé/Instagram

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