Stephen Colbert Buys "The Sarah Palin Channel" Tumblr, And Unsurprisingly, It's Better

Leave it to Stephen Colbert to one-up Sarah Palin. In unsurprising, albeit hilarious, news, The Colbert Report host took a few shots at the former Alaska governor's new, subscription-based, online channel, appropriately titled Sarah Palin Channel, before announcing his own enterprising next steps. Enter: "The Sarah Palin Channel" Tumblr, owned and operated by Stephen Colbert LLC.

So far, the Tumblr page only features a photo of Palin, with a tagline "The only Sarah Palin Channel on the internet with a definite article in the address!" But, I, for one, would't be surprised at all if Colbert's Palin site got more traffic than the original.

Of course, Colbert didn't hide his enthusiasm for the former VP candidate's iteration, saying it rivals House of Cards, "with even more threatening monologues into the camera." He added:

It's a safe space where like-minded folks can hear things they already agree with from someone whose opinions they already know. A place where we Palin-heads can gather and ask the important questions: Among the most popular is "What's your cancellation policy?" Because we Palin fans want to be just like her, and quit halfway through our commitment.

Commentary aside, he wouldn't be the leader of the Colbert Nation without trumping Palin's channel with his very own. Sure, you can discuss topics mainstream media won't cover on, for a whopping $9.95 I might add.

But penny-pinching viewers have another alternative: Stephen Colbert's Angry Echo Chamber. Yes, for just $9.94, you get Colbert 24/7, eating a BLT, going to the ATM, and discussing important "issues of the day, and issues of the night, like, 'Where did the sun go?'"

Of course, this is a fictional channel—not to be confused with his Palin Tumblr—but it just goes to show you that Colbert should never be doubted. After all, this is the man whose super PAC raised over $1 million. Plus, he knows how to sell it:

Sarah Palin Channel only takes you from point A to point B. You can follow me all the way to point C, point D, and then back to point B when I realize I left my sunglasses there. That's real-life fun.

Sounds like a better deal to me. But will Sarah Palin retaliate on her own channel? Will she recognize Colbert as competition? Probably not... but I won't be paying $10 bucks to find out.

Images: The Colbert Report, The Sarah Palin Channel