'Sharknado 2' Celebrity Cameos Abound, But Who Lives & Who Gets Decapitated By Flying Sharks?

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Sharknado may not have been the first phenomenally, hilariously terrible SyFy movie known to humanity (I for one, hopped on the SyFy movie train when Eric Roberts' incredibly bad masterpiece Sharktopus hit the cable network), but man, was it the biggest. Suddenly, the idea of a bad sci-fi movie with graphics straight out of 1992 was a Twitter phenomenon, so much so that the demand for a second, Sharknado 2: The Second One was definitely a must-have. And while seeing the return of '90s sort-of-heartthrob and Brandon Walsh alternative Ian Zeiring and former member of the live-action Josie and the Pussycats Tara Reid is important, it's the wealth of completely inexplicable celebrity cameos that's the real draw.

Of course, this is a disaster movie (in what other film would New Yorkers whip guns and chainsaws out of their trunks and throw them into tornados made of sharks?) so at least half of these celebs are doomed. Lucky for you, I'm running down each and every celeb cameo and their gruesome (or awesome) fates.

Image: Eric Liebowitz/Syfy

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