New 'Interstellar' Trailer Requires a Code, So Here's What You Need to Know

Although Interstellar has been on the radar for a while, we haven't yet figured out the plot arc of this sci-fi drama. Christopher Nolan has been characteristically cagey about revealing what his movie is about in person, even after he made a historic first appearance to Comic-Con this year. Similarly, the trailers for Interstellar thus far have stressed the dark, almost cliched Nolan visuals over the premise or shape of the film. Now, we might finally have a few answers, even if they're shrouded in incomplete sentences and Hans Zimmer music, because Interstellar has a new trailer.

Lest the plot be too easy to access, Nolan has hidden it on the official Interstellar site. The code required to access the cryptic clip is "7201969," which is the date of the Apollo 11 launch. In past trailers, Nolan set up the space theme and introduced a post-McConaissance Matthew as the main character. We also learned the vague problem of the film: the earth has had some sort of environmental crisis that has caused major food shortages, and McConaughey has to save the world by boarding spaceship. Presumably his flight is interstellar, but its path and purpose are unclear.

The most recent trailer repeats some of the lines from the last two, but we've learned a few new things.

Most importantly, McConaughey's character's angst in the film seems to stem not only from the environmental apocalypse, but conflict with his daughter. Specifically, his daughter worries his interstellar flight will be a one-way trip, and although he knows it's his duty to go, he doesn't know if leaving his daughter will do any measurable good.

We also get our first lines from Anne Hathaway, who seems to be playing a scientist who believes in the interstellar mission far more than McConaughey. And the film has finally explained its mission to audiences: McConaughey will speed between stars to find "habitable worlds" for his family and everyone on the planet. Although the trailer ends with a Dylan Thomas quote and assurance that humanity will "find a way," we won't know whether he's successful until the November release date.

Images: Warner Bros.