The Perfect Reaction To 'GoT' Recasting

Ah, the fate of the child actor. Much like Bobby Draper before them, two Game Of Thrones characters have been recast to reflect the changing times. Most recently Game Of Thrones lost Aimee Richardson as Myrcella Baratheon, to be recast by someone slightly older who has not yet been announced. Richardson's response, it should be noted, is hilarious.

Richardson no doubt had an inkling this was coming: Last season saw the recasting of onscreen brother Tommen Baratheon, previously played by Callum Wharry and now played by Dean-Thomas Chapman. This was, likely, simply a result of the fact that both Tommen and Myrcella (and therefore Wharry and Richardson) were very young at the start of Game Of Thrones, and unlike with characters like Art Parkinson's Bran, they were fringe enough at first that the show could get away with recasting them for age-jumps and the heightened responsibility their storylines now bring.

Nevertheless, a lost job is a lost job — even if you haven't had that job for a while anyway. Myrcella's got big things coming in Season 5 now that the story's once again venturing to Dorne, where she was shipped off to last time we saw her. And Richardson's reaction to not being able to tag along for the ride is pretty priceless:

It's also pretty ironic, considering the last time one of her vines went viral, right after (spoiler) onscreen brother Joffrey was offed:


Image: Aimee Richardson/Vine