'Big Brother's Frankie & Zach Are Finally Shown in Bed & It's About Time, CBS

It finally happened, everybody. During Wednesday night's Big Brother , we finally got to see Frankie and Zach in bed. Sharing the HoH Room this week, we all hoped the convenience of basically sleeping in the same room would finally encourage Frankie and Zach to take their showmance to the next level, and it actually did. Well, sort of.

Okay, so Big Brother finally devoting some precious air time to Frankie and Zach cuddling in the same bed is definitely a victory for "Zankie" and "Zankie" shippers the world over. However, what we saw really wasn't as exciting as we were all fantasizing about. Admit it, you've been counting the days until we got to see Frankie and Zach get it on in the Big Brother house.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see anything even hinting at an R-rating. What we did see was Zach putting his leg over Frankie as he was trying to sleep, the two of them laying shirtless, and Zach lovingly caressing Frankie. In the Diary Room Zach told the cameras, "I'm not gay, but if I was, he'd be my man for sure," referring to Frankie.

Okay, so that quashed our spirits a bit since we were hoping there really could be something more than just a friendship between Frankie and Zach. We know that Zach is really not interested in having a romantic relationship with Franki, but I guess it's good to have a little reminder every now and again so we don't get our hopes up too much.

But luckily, there's always Frankie to give us some hope. In the Diary Room, Frankie told the cameras that Zach is "petting me to sleep every night, and I like it." We can only guess that when he says "petting," he means the non-sexual definition of the term. Since they still seem to be in the friend zone, he can't possibly mean the other meaning of the word, right? Right? Frankie also said in the Diary Room, "Zach, are you going to make a move? Just do it." I think we'd all like to see that.

Image: Lisette M. Azar/CBS