Brody Jenner Defends Kendall on 'KUWTK,' Because He's Always Been a Good Brother

Depending on who you ask, the Kardashian step-siblings are either a welcome party or annoying addition to the family's wildly successful reality series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians . One thing is for certain, they're certainly in the spotlight this week, with Brody Jenner defending sister Kendell against harassment in Thailand. The former star of The Hills and Lauren Conrad ex (not to mention ex-bff to Spencer Pratt. Anyone remember The Princes of Malibu?) is no newbie to unscripted television.

Despite his reality show experience, Bruce Jenner's son from his marriage to actress and pageant queen Linda Thompson hadn't been a major part of any Keeping Up with the Kardashians plotlines until he was officially cast for the eighth season at the start of last year. While it remains to be seen what sort of long term impact he might have on the show, he's clearly not as much of a Hollywood Bro as you might think. While other Hollywood hotshots his age might veer on the shallow side, growing up around women has certainly affected the way Jenner interacts with the world. Don't worry, I have proof. Here are some reasons why Brody has always been a great brother, and guess what? A lot have to do with his respect for women in general.

Tastefully Trying to Avoid Family Ribbing That He Has A Crush On Kim

Yes, while he does drop the phrase "half chub" the real star of the clip is when Kris accuses the blushing Brody of having a crush on Kim. His lack of mean defensiveness shows he's got a sense of appropriateness when dealing with his stepsisters, even if his stepmom goes out of her way to make it super awkward.

He Thinks Robin Thicke Is Sort of Gross

When asked about the singer's efforts to win his wife back with Paula, Jenner described the whole thing as "creepy," which proves he can tell when someone has crossed the line.

He's Crazy About His Girlfriend

Given his privileged show biz life, Jenner could easily be someone who uses women, or just doesn't respect them very much. But his instagram feed is littered with adoration for his girlfriend, and you can just see how much he both loves and respects her.

Stepping Up to Harry Styles

Brody was quoted by E! Online saying that sister Kendall would be "the one doing the heart breaking" lest the teen idol Lothario think he was going to toy with the girl's heart. Way to empower your sister to not wait around for a guy to define the relationship.

Defending Kendell Against That Harasser

This is the biggie. Harassment for female travelers is an endemic problem in some areas, with numerous guides and warnings designed to keep tourists safe and informed. Worse still, in the clip, Kendall is harassed not by a stranger on the street but a fellow resort guest at the bar, which is pretty horrifying. Brody's immediate reaction proves that he's looking out for her, without shaming or blaming her for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time, which proves yet again that he's pretty great at the whole respecting women thing.

Images: brodyjenner/Instagram