In 'House Of Cards' Season 3 Frank Has To Go Down & Gavin (And Cashew) Could Help

Let's be honest. When it comes to Frank Underwood, it seems like no one can take him down. Over the course of only two seasons of House Of Cards, Frank has managed to become president and take down every opposition in his path. So how on earth can this man be stopped? We've already talked about how the ladies of House of Cards could bring down Frank in Season 3 once and for all, which would be supremely satisfying. But what about throwing in a little wild card in the mix? In just a few episode from Season 2, Gavin Orsay, the hacker/FBI informant, got Lucas arrested in a sting operation and led to the attack on Doug by Rachel all through blackmail and extortion from his computer. Could he help take down Frank as well?

We already know that House of Cards is closely tied with Richard III , which would mean that if the show follows that iconic play's arc, Frank will ultimately be his own undoing. But how frustrating of an ending would that be if no one else played a part in Frank taking himself down? We already know that Frank has made a lot of enemies in his path of revenge and power, but do any of these people have the chops to take him down alone? No, and that's where Gavin comes in. I have a theory that Gavin could help the ladies of House of Cards in their mission to expose Frank for who he really is and destroy him once and for all. Here's how it could go down.

Gavin, in his quest for knowing everything about everyone, peruses through the files he was supposed to help Lucas uncover. In the midst of going over Zoe's old phone records, texts, etc. he sees correspondence between the fallen journalist and the new president. He goes to Lucas to find out what this all means and Lucas, despite being imprisoned, knows that finding justice for Zoe and destroying Frank must be the priority. So who does he call out of scared isolation? Janine Skorsky. That's right, the woman who should have continued the investigation against Frank in the first place. Now that she finally has some help in the IT department, all she needs is a woman on the inside.

Perhaps during this time, Frank's protege Jackie realizes that Frank is not the person whom she wants to emulate. Perhaps he betrays her, doesn't treat her with respect, or alienates her. Perhaps she comes across some information that makes Frank seem more and more dangerous. That's when Janine, with a new sense of justice and urgency, pounces. Having Gavin, Janine, Jackie and even Lucas on the same side guarantees destruction for Frank considering these people would have been brought together solely because of his own mistakes.

Now the question is, would Gavin even consider doing this job? He has nothing against Frank, Frank has never done anything to him personally. He would need monetary gain or something even better, power and freedom. And unfortunately if Frank were to find out about Gavin's involvement, he could offer Gavin both of those things. Maybe Gavin would shift over to the dark side — or maybe part of Janine, Jackie and Lucas' plan could be for Frank to employ Gavin so that the hacker gets access on the inside. Now I'm just writing episodes. Let's get a move on House of Cards, writers! I'm giving you gold here!

Images: Netflix; houseofcardsnetflix/Tumblr