Eric McCormack's 'Will & Will' Skit Will Make 'Will & Grace' Fans Yearn for More — VIDEO

Will & Grace is not coming back. Consider this your opportunity to down vodka like Karen and give a dramatic tragic performance a la Jack, because, yes, that show will remain in the past. However, Jimmy Kimmel has found a way to satiate your needs with a segment called Will & Will , which features two Odd Couple-esque roommates who are both named Will and played by Eric McCormack. Two Wills, one show. Dare I say it, but this sounds like a better use of camera magic than what goes on in The Parent Trap.

The segment, which also features a promo for the fake show It's Always Sunny In Willadelphia, is in jest. Kimmel is proposing a channel that's all Eric McCormack, all the time, and I'm on board.

While it may be a little terrifying to watch every show on the planet starring only Eric McCormack, I'm totally down with Will & Will, especially if it's as close as we'll ever get to a Will & Grace reunion. A reunion with just one of the characters! But why stop at Will & Will? What about Grace & Grace?

So, thanks to Kimmel, here is my humble plea for...

Grace & Grace

TV loves Debra Messing, too.

Jack & Jack

So basically, an entire series of "Just Jack."

Karen & Karen

One may argue that there is already a Karen & Karen... when Karen is seeing double, but come on, an all Karen show would be fantastic.

You can watch Kimmel's Will & Will segment below. Enjoy! It's pretty hilarious. Two Wills make for a pretty great show. The video will also make you grateful for your roommate situation — be glad the clone version of you isn't putting passive aggressive notes on all of your food.


Images: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube; Uglyandpermanent/Tumblr; Giphy (3)