Space is Overrated, The Deep Sea Is Full of Aliens

People have been theorizing about the existence of aliens for as long as there have been unexplainable events. However, watching Alien Sharks on Discovery's Shark Week last night, I stopped wondering. The aliens are here, and they're pretty much all deep sea sharks. So if ever the world wondered, when will we be able to fully explore the deep sea? Here is your answer: we prooobably don't want to. The freaky things that live down there are beyond comprehension, they have weird mouths and massive eyes, and there's also MEGAMOUTH.

Megamouth, the best named shark and weirdly, the most relatable? They faff about in the deep, eating everything, with their mega mouth. I can identify with that. But still, the weirdness the deep sea affords surpasses anything that empty thing they call the universe has offered up thus far, and I loved it. I mean, Great Whites are cool and all but are they as cool as a Megamouth shark? Unclear.

It might be dark and strange down there, but deep sea sharks eliminate the need to create fictional monsters of the deep (I'm looking at you, Megalodon), or green glowing creatures flying UFO's because, well, just look at the mug on this guy:

So yeah. Alien sharks are the sharks to watch, because they're not cute, they have huge eyes, and we don't really know that much about them. Plus, they really have the best stankfaces.

[Images via Discovery Channel and AVB Adventures]