Warning Signs from Jay Z's Lyrics

The gossip just keeps on coming and, with it, suspicions that Jay Z and Beyoncé really are headed towards divorce seem more and more reasonable. When and if this news hits, the world is going to go crazy. Fans will be devastated. The world will begin to rotate in the opposite direction. Birds will fly backwards through the sky... You get the idea. Even though I'm still hoping that the rumors turn out to be false, I feel compelled to examine the past for any warning signs that Jay would be untrue to Bey. Naturally, I look to his art, specifically the lyrics through which he spills his soul. Has he been spitting red flags all along?

1. "She wanted us to end cause I fucked her friends"

SONG: "Nigga What, Nigga Who"

Jay Z is readily admitting that not only did he once cheat on a girl, but he did it with this girl's friends. That whole "Once a cheater, always a cheater" mantra isn't just a worthless warning your mom told you your sophomore year of college. Or maybe that was just me...

2. "I got your bitch in my Rover, man"

SONG: "Is That Your Chick"

The "friends" in quote #1 may be violating the code of "Chicks Before Dicks," but Jay Z is clearly a violator of "Bros Before Hoes." And speaking of hoes...

3. "Money, cash, hoes."

SONG: "Money, Cash, Hoes"

Forget the use of a derogatory word like "hoes," simply note the plural tense. Multiple women. Hoes. Gross.

4. "Only wife of mine's a life of crime"

SONG: "Money, Cash, Hoes"


5. "She keep beggin' me to hit it raw/ So she can have my kids and say it was yours"

SONG: "Is That Your Chick"

Clearly, Mr. Carter is not only a facilitator of indiscretions, but he also practices unsafe sex with married women. Woof.

6. "And since life's a bitch in mini skirts and big chests/ How can I not flirt with death?"

SONG: "Money, Cash, Hoes"

In other words, he is unable to resist flirting with scantily clad women. ALERT.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

7. "Guess who's back in my motherfucking house/ Half black, half white chick; I call her Minnie Mouse"

SONG: "Fuck All Nite"

Clearly not Bey. ALERT.

8. "And in my mind I really want you to be my wife forever/ But in the physical it's like I'mma be trife forever"

SONG: "Soon You'll Understand"

Case. Closed.

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