Is Beyonce Posting Family Photos To Quiet Rumors?

Just a short while ago, everyone lost their shit over a lyric change Beyoncé made to her song "Resentment" during an On The Run tour stop in Cincinnati, which somehow convinced people that Jay Z cheated on her. Nevermind how huge of a stretch that is — let's examine whether it's too much of a stretch to assume these family photos Beyoncé posted on her website are somehow an attempt to quell the infidelity rumors. Despite the convenient timing of the photos, I certainly hope that's not the case, but it does feel eerily similar to when she posted these lovey-dovey photos on Instagram after the infamous elevator footage surfaced to presumably show us that all was right between Solange and Jay. If this is going to become Beyoncé's way of addressing the rumor mill, then she's going about it the wrong way.There are droves of people who love Beyoncé and want to witness her every waking moment. Then there are those who claim they hate her and would probably sacrifice their last dime to know every juicy tidbit about her to prove that she's not the musical deity for whom the Beygency fire infinitely burns. But others, like me, who enjoy her music and are admittedly intrigued by her, prefer the Beyoncé who doesn't respond to Internet trolling, lets rumors roll off her back, and who hasn't tweeted anything this year.

Musical deity that she is, surely there remains a few drops of human blood circulating throughout her veins, so there's no doubt she struggles with what to keep private and what to share with her fans, which might explain why parts of the couple's On the Run performance seem like a collective effort to address people who believe there's trouble on the horizon for Bey and Jay's marriage.

If these well-timed photos are, in fact, an effort to quiet or satiate the masses, then Beyoncé should know that it's futile because a) it's never gonna happen, and b) it's not even necessary. Eff the haters! Not to minimize what happened in the elevator, but family drama is as typical as Beyoncé releasing a hit album, so it's totally useless to try and convey that to the public in any medium —charming family photos and all.

Then again, perhaps this is another one of Beyoncé's carefully crafted career moves, a reverse psychology tactic that makes us think she cares, which only makes us care even more.

Dammit, Bey.

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