Kristen Stewart & Nicholas Hoult Have Lunch After J. Law Break-Up Rumors? Must Be Love! — PHOTOS

It's been said time and time again, but it bears repeating right now. Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence are basically the same person. They might not seem like the same person, as far as general personality is concerned, but comparing the two will drag up more similarities than there are differences. However, Jennifer Lawrence is beloved by the public while Kristen Stewart is usually derided or ignored by the public for various factors that seem to boil down to one is an extrovert and the other isn't. It looks like people will soon be adding one more thing that Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence have in common. Apparently, Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult grabbed lunch together so it's only a matter of time before an inevitable romance. Or so people think.

Nicholas Hoult is Jennifer Lawrence's boyfriend, but, as with every famous couple, there are constantly rumors that their relationship is on the rocks. Lawrence and Hoult did break up once in 2013 before getting back together again later that same year and, to be honest, there's probably no couple that has cuter PDA than Lawrence and Hoult. The latest breakup rumor insisted that Hoult and Lawrence had broken up because of Lawrence's huge, fame-loving ego. In fact, the rumor went on to claim that Nicholas Hoult had moved on in the form of actress and model Riley Keough.

Yeah, okay. Hoult and Stewart are in Japan filming a movie together called Equals. In the midst of that, a Twitter user snapped pictures of the two grabbing a sushi lunch together at the bar inside Daiwa. The outing looked, for all intents and purposes, like a casual one, but, between the latest J. Law and Nicholas Hoult break up rumors and Robert Pattinson breaking his silence on the messy end of his relationship with Kristen Stewart, it didn't take long for people to start wondering if Hoult and Stewart are a little bit more than co-stars.

The comparisons between Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence are bad enough without trying to point to Kristen Stewart as the reason that J. Law's relationship with Nicholas Hoult is on the rocks. In the first place, Lawrence and Hoult haven't actually indicated that there's any problem at all with their relationship. In the second place, grabbing lunch with a co-worker doesn't mean you're romantically interested in them. While it's true that in Hollywood you don't really need to do much but be in the same room as another celebrity to get the rumors flying, this one just seems like fuel to an imaginary feud.

Stewart and Lawrence seem to be on very good terms with one another despite how often people compare the two of them and Lawrence and Hoult are pretty much the cutest couple in existence. Until they announce that they've broken up or actually start seeing other people, then a rumor is just a rumor. The level of slut shaming that has occurred over a simple lunch break has already gotten ridiculous and offensive to all three celebrities involved.

Stop. Even if Hoult and Stewart were interested in one another, insulting Stewart isn't going to throw a wrench in that relationship at all. However, the likelihood of this being anything more than a casual bite to eat between co-stars is incredibly low. Lawrence and Hoult's relationship is going to survive to make us all cry from the cute another day and Kristen Stewart has absolutely no effect on it. Jumping to conclusions just hurts us all so let's cut Kristen Stewart a break.

Image: Panemland/Twitter