'RichKids of Beverly Hills'' Morgan Stewart Is The Series' Hilarious Greek chorus

As we get ready for Season 2 of #RichKids of Beverly Hills , we should also get ready for major eye rolling, clothes envy, and laughs. As much as I am hesitant to say it, beyond the “we have so much money” talk, this show is really funny, partly because of Morgan Stewart. Morgan, who is one of the lead cast members, acts as a Greek chorus for the show — if that Greek chorus was from Beverly Hills.

Last season, Morgan stole the show with her wit and beauty. As a writer, she is able to turn even the most obnoxious comments about wealth funny, without making you cringe inside (like some of the other cast members). We saw the highs and lows of Morgan Stewart during the inaugural season of the show. First, she learned how to open a wine bottle — HUGE. Secondly, we watched uncomfortably as she freaked out on her dinner guests at an anniversary dinner in Mexico. Finally, we watched her develop her brand and website “Boobs & Loubs”. So what other info do you need to know about Morgan before jumping in to Season 2 of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills? Click through the slideshow to learn the top eight things to know before the premiere August 3 on E!

Her dog Baguette is basically her kid

Baguette is really the breakout star on RKOBH. Morgan, I mean Baguette, even has her own Instagram account. If you want to follow the glam life of a small dog, Baguette is serving up all of that, and more.

Image: Morgan Stewart/Instagram

She runs a website: Boobs & Loubs

The first thing to know, as previously mentioned, is that Morgan runs a website called Boobs & Loubs. She dishes fashion and beauty advice, along with a separate section called “My Rack” — which doesn’t mean what you think — where Morgan provides her favorite of-the-moment fashion trends and items.

Image: Morgan Stewart/Instagram

She has a boyfriend, Brendan Fitzpatrick

Sorry Million Dollar Listing, but this guy is on your tail. Brendan is a real estate agent, who closed his first deal for over $10 million at the age of 19. Let that sink in. He and Morgan have been together for over two years, and last season Morgan was talking about putting a ring on her finger, so that is sure to be the topic of conversation this season as well.

Image: Morgan Stewart/Instagram

She wants kids

Last season, when Brendan was buying a new car, all Morgan would talk about is filling it with strollers. This season’s promo looks like the couple is tackling the question of where they stand on moving forward with their relationship especially regarding starting a family.

Image: Morgan Stewart/Instagram

She teaches you that smiling is overrated

The cast of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills is all over the selfie game. Morgan, who always looks impeccable in all of her photos, rarely smiles in her photos, but is always smizing. Tyra would be proud.

Image: Morgan Stewart/Instagram

She can make fun of herself

For a show that seems to be all about appearances, Morgan usually finds her humor in self-deprecation and making fun of herself. She also wins at the hashtag game #approachable

Image: Morgan Stewart/Instagram

She looks fabulous wherever she goes

Even in Wyoming, Morgan doesn’t steer away from making a fashion statement.

Image: Morgan Stewart/Instagram