Taye Diggs' Amazing Vine Account Makes Him an Internet Force to Be Reckoned With — VIDEOS

Taye Diggs really loves the Internet. First, he started following pretty much everyone in the world on Twitter (EXCEPT FOR ME), and now, Diggs has decidedly the weirdest, funniest Vine account ever. I know that the rest of my day is pretty much gone now. I'm just gonna sit here and watch his series of "Funny Walks" on auto-replay.

"Funny Walks" — yes, like Monty Python's "Ministry of Funny Walks" (at least, that's what I thought of) — is a series brought to you by the one and only Diggs, the social media connoisseur, or as he describes himself on Vine: "I'm serious chocolate and don't get it twisted." We won't Taye, don't worry. Anyhow, the series is pretty self explanatory, but each brief clip tells a story of its own. Watch all three together and hello, media storytelling.

If you have more time to spare, then scroll through the rest of Diggs' Vine videos to see one of Diggs at the bodega, drunkenly buying cookies at 1:15 a.m. (relatable) and another one of him watching his own Vines. Even Diggs knows that his Vines are bizarre forms of joy.

So, sit back, relax, and prepare yourself to watch the entire series of Diggs and his Funny Walks.

Funny Walk Number 1

Funny Walk Number 2

Funny Walk Number 3

Taye Diggs, you are an Internet force to be reckoned with.