Frankie & Zach's Best 'Big Brother' Will They, Won't They Moments Show It's Only A Matter of Time

The Big Brother house has a history of creating romances for the past 16 seasons. Whether the relationships actually blossom into something, like now married Rachel and Brendon from Season 12, or fizzle out like most showmances do, it is always exciting to predict the next couple of the season. Much to Caleb's chagrin, the couple of the season is not him and recently evicted Amber. Without a doubt, the couple of this season of Big Brother is Zach Rance and Frankie Grande. The two can get through just about anything in the house and when they won Heads of Household, Zankie fans were thrilled to see them finally share the HOH bedroom.

Zankie has fans at the edge of their seats. Will they or won't they "make it offish"? Even though Zach has repeatedly let viewers know that he is heterosexual, these two are a match made in Big Brother heaven. Whether Frankie and Zach win or lose the game, I think they have already won in their relationship with each other, and I don't even care how corny that sounds. Check out these will they or won't they moments that have made Zankie shippers scream at their TVs.

Their Cute bedtime cuddle sessions

Who sleeps with Victoria might have caused a little controversy in the house a couple of weeks ago, but there is never a question of who will sleep with Frankie and who will sleep with Zach. To use Zach's approach in describing things: If you look up pillow talk in the dictionary, there would be a picture of Zach and Frankie holding hands.

Their Constant Affection

I've never seen two people be in such constant contact as much as Zach and Frankie are. At this point, the other houseguests are completely unfazed by the the non-stop affection between these two.

Their Kisses

It's only a matter of time, right? They are just messing with us, and making us sweat it out and wait, they have to be.

This time they were just being mean, COME ON

Team Zankie for the win!

Images: CBS, All BB Updates/Tumblr (18)