Toys "R" Us' Baby Boy Doll, Penis Included, Has Sparked Outrage — No, Really

News flash: Some babies have penises. You know, the male ones, so maybe 50 percent of all babies? This is a fact that some people apparently don't want leaked, particularly to America's youth. So, naturally, a male baby doll with a penis from Toys "R" Us has sparked outrage among parents and people who think anatomically correct babies are scandalous and just downright perverted.

The You & Me Mommy Change My Diaper boy doll, currently being sold at Toys "R" Us, comes with an anatomically proportionate penis. The particular body part is even circled with a heart on the packaging, as if it's saying, "Here's the penis! Isn't it adorable?" But rather than the loving emphasis that the packaging puts on the baby's member, angry mommies are demanding that the box come with a warning label instead. Maybe something like, "Warning: This baby is NOT a eunuch."

Maybe instead of getting all riled up over a little plastic penis, these parents should take a step back and think about the perception of sex, nudity, and perversion in the U.S., which is significantly more prudish compared to other countries. Also, if your kid is going to use the doll to practice changing diapers, shouldn't he or she learn where the pee comes out? Basically, the outraged are just perpetuating the perversion and pointlessly stigmatizing these banalities. In other words, they're giving kids a reason to think about human body parts in a sexually charged manner.

Luckily, other people have a hold on their common sense, and are pointing out that turning a baby doll that follows the rules of biology into a scandal is just ridiculous.

Images: Dr. Drew/Twitter, Toys "R" Us