'Big Brother's Frankie Grande Should Be Really Worried About the Quad Squad Alliance

Although we'll have to wait until Sunday in order to see the results on television, the Big Brother house guests have known for a couple of days now that Donny has been dethroned and Nicole is still HoH. Her nominees are Zach Rance and Jocasta Odom, but neither of them are truly her targets. Sure, Nicole wouldn't exactly be sad to see Zach go, especially after Zach called Nicole a fruit loop dingus during his HoH reign, but there's another house guest that Nicole is hoping to backdoor if she can. That person is fan-favorite Frankie Grande and he should be seriously concerned that this is his final week in the Big Brother house.

We thought that Nicole and Donny becoming HoHs had the potential to shake up the competition and it turns out that Bustle called it. Nicole's ultimate plan is to have Zach and Frankie on the block simultaneously before the voting to guarantee one of them goes home. And she's right to suspect of having too much power whether they're HoH or not. Zach and Frankie, as well as Derrick, Cody, and Christine, are in the Detonators alliance that was built from the leftovers from the Bomb Squad — also known as the alliance that has been unquestionably running this household since day one.

However, the loyalty among the Detonators is starting to fray at the edges. Cody revealed to Derrick that if he won the Power of the Veto, then he would use it if he knew that it was Frankie going up as a replacement nominee. In fact, Cody and Derrick decided to head up to Nicole and Hayden in order to solidify plans with them and prevent themselves from being potential replacements. That is how the Quad Squad was formed.

In a speech that revealed that underestimating Nicole Franzel in this game was a bad, bad idea, Nicole threw Frankie completely under the bus. She revealed that not only had he told her how Cody and Derrick were going to vote, but that he was getting ready to stab anyone, friend or foe, in the back who jeopardized his game. She finished by saying, "Frankie has won three HoHs. I dont know if there is going to be an opportunity to get him out."

Derrick suggested the name "The Quad Squad" for this newly formed alliance between himself, Cody, Nicole, and Hayden, and Nicole was overjoyed by the very idea. Apparently, she's "waited her whole life to form an alliance in the HoH room." Sadly, it also appears that Nicole has lost trust in her close friend Christine because she made a point of stating that she wasn't going to tell Christine about her plan to evict Frankie because Christine would tell him right away. With the Quad Squad in place and Nicole scheming to ensure that Zach and Frankie are up for eviction so that at least one of her major problems is taken care of, can Frankie Grande survive another week in the Big Brother house?

Maybe. After all, Frankie's social game is very strong. The other house guests might be aware now of the subtle control he tries to exert over all of them, but Frankie is both charming and intelligent. All he needs is to make sure he has the right people's ears, or overhears the right things, and I'm sure he can find a way to talk his way out of this. In addition, he's proven that he's completely and totally unafraid to throw Zach under the bus to save his own game and such a last ditch effort might be enough to split the votes in the house for the first time since season 16 began.

Frankie has until Thursday night's eviction ceremony to turn this situation around to his advantage. A lot could happen in five days.

Image: CBS