She Had a Breakdown on 'Big Brother'

Usually, the person who is the Head of Household on Big Brother gives a very generic speech when he or she announces the nominations for that week. No one likes being nominated, and who you nominate can determine your fate later on in the game, so it's usually best to keep things light and deflect as much attention and responsibility away from you as possible. Some favorite lines of HoHs are "It's not personal" and "I look forward to seeing what you can do in the Battle of the Block/Power of Veto competitions." But judging from what we saw during Sunday night's nomination ceremony, one of this week's HoHs, Zach, did not get that memo and made his nominees Nicole and Christine very unhappy.

Before the nomination ceremony, Zach planned on causing quite the ruckus. He rehearsed his intentionally offensive speech in his HoH room in front of Derrick and Frankie, who were hoping they could use Zach's antics to complete this week's Team America mission of manipulating two houseguests into getting into an argument at the nomination ceremony. So along with Cody, they egged Zach on.

Zach said he was "ready to bathe in blood, baby" with his nominations. Thankfully, there was no blood shed, but there were some tears that were shed. During the nomination ceremony, Zach called Christine "basically irrelevant" and said that the definition for "floater" in the Big Brother dictionary would feature her holding hands with Season 14's houseguest and fellow floater Jen. Then he really laid it on Nicole, saying, "Well, you fruit loop dingus, I bet you didn't see this coming." I don't even know what that means, but I'm offended for Nicole.

The most surprising part about this nomination ceremony, however, was how Nicole reacted. After the nomination ceremony, she got up out of her seat with this strange laugh-cry thing happening. Then, she kind of just stood in a corner and sobbed for a minute. Hayden also just had his hands over his face in shock (awww).

Needless to say, Nicole and Christine were pretty upset about the whole thing, not only because they were put on the block, but also because Zach's words were just weird and hurtful. Christine confronted Zach, also with strange nervous laughter, about what he said at the nomination ceremony and also telling Nicole that she shouldn't trust Christine. Zach didn't really want to hear any of this and left the room, telling Christine to "talk it out" with Cody. So Zach dropped a bomb on the house and then completely left the situation. I don't think even Zach understood what this whole performance was about.

Luckily, Nicole and Christine went on to win the Battle of the Block at the end of the episode, which put everyone in better spirits. But if Frankie doesn't end up backdooring Zach this week, I'm sure Nicole will be coming for him.

Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS