'Big Brother' Contestant Donny Thompson is Loved by America But What Does Kellie Pickler Think?

There are a few contestants on this season's Big Brother who have famous connections outside of the house. First, and probably most notable, is Frankie Grande and his sister Ariana Grande, who might as well be a houseguest for the amount of times she is referred to in the house. But in addition to Ariana Grande, there is another famous female singer who knows (OK, maybe knows?) someone in the Big Brother house. I am talking about Donny Thompson and his connection to Kellie Pickler. Kellie Pickler, who also found fame on a reality show (American Idol), went to the high school that Donny used to be the janitor at. So basically, they are as close as Frankie and Ariana Grande.

Donny shared his famous connection when we met him during the first week of the season, and although it seems like he and Kellie Pickler don't actually know each other, I know that Kellie is rooting for him in spirit. Who wouldn't, the guy is consistently shown support by America — he is on Team America, after all — and even though he is nominated a lot, it isn't because people don't like him. So what would Kellie Pickler think of Donny's game so far? Here are the five things Donny has done that should make Kellie Pickler proud to have had him as a janitor.

How he handles nominations

Donny has a heart of gold, to a fault. Donny has been nominated three out of the almost six weeks he has been there, yet he still manages to pull through and secure his safety in the house. Each time Donny is nominated, he never gets worked up or out of sorts, in fact, he usually forgives the HOH for nominating him minutes after. If that isn't a class act, I don't know what is. (Side note: He also gives the best "please don't evict me" speeches.)

He has been winning competitions

Whether Donny is competing in Battle of the Block competitions, or veto competitions, Donny goes out there and wins. His most notable win, IMO, is when he destroyed any chance Devin had of saving himself from eviction, during the dice veto competition, a competition that even the most "beast mode cowboy" competitors couldn't win.

America loves him

Donny was one of the three houseguests (four if you count Joey Van Pelt, who was nominated Week 1) to be voted by America to play on Team America. Similar to his hometown friend Kellie Pickler, who finished in sixth place on American Idol, America seems to love contestants from Albemarle, North Carolina.

He knows what is good for his game

This past week, Team America was asked to vote against the majority of the house (which would have meant they would vote to evict Jocasta) and then accuse two other houseguests of doing it. Donny, who is a huge Big Brother fan, said that doing so would be too out of character for him, and he didn't want to blow up his Big Brother game like that. I, as a fan of the show and technically a part of Team America, completely understand and don't hold anything against him for doing what is best for his game. I forgive you for ignoring America's request, Donny.

He is active in the house

Since CBS decided it was OK to make Big Brother about fitness this season, we have been able to track the houseguests activity in the house down to the step. Donny, who is not necessarily the most active houseguest, is also not the most sluggish. He is often seen leading walks on Big Brother After Dark around the backyard, and constantly checking how many lights he has on his Fitbit. Kellie Pickler, who loves fitness (as seen when she was on Dancing With The Stars) would be proud of Donny for working on his fitness.

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