Frankie Loves Talking About Ariana on 'BB16'

In case you didn't know — i.e., you've been living under a Big Brother rock — Ariana Grande's brother, Frankie Grande, is currently in the Big Brother house, competing for the $500,000 prize. Frankie, the broadway dancer and YouTube superstar, has decided to play the game without divulging that he is Ariana's brother. It's a pretty good move in terms of Big Brother game play, since a houseguest does not need any more reason to have a target on his or her back. Plus, having the viewers in on the secret makes him a shoe in for "Team America," without giving the houseguests any reason to second guess his motives.

Just because Frankie isn't telling the houseguests he is Ariana's brother, however, doesn't mean he's shy about discussing his talented sister in the house. So far, all the houseguests know is that Frankie has a sister who is pursuing music named "Ari." In addition to the comments Frankie has made during his Diary Room sessions about Ariana, he has also had a few mentions of her in front of the other houseguests. Here are some of Frankie's best (and still secretive) mentions of his famous sister.

When he won HOH, Week 1

Right off the bat, Frankie wasn't exactly subtle about his family's name. After winning the very first Head of Household competition he screamed, "Go Grande or go home," in celebration.

On Ariana's 21st birthday

Should we just start calling her Ari, too, to keep up the charade? On his sister's 21st birthday, Frankie sent her this little shout out to wish her a happy birthday.

When talking to Nicole about his sister

When laying out with Nicole, Frankie started telling her about his sister who is "studying music" and is "so so talented." Something he forgot to mention was that she is an award-winning pop star, but I'm sure he was just summarizing.

When singing "Pink Champagne"

Even though Ariana considers "Pink Champagne" a "fetus" song, it is still loved by many of her fans, and Big Brother houseguest Victoria is no exception. Frankie was singing it, and Victoria realized what he was singing. The exchange went down like this:

Victoria: That's Ariana Grande!

Frankie: Oh my God!

Victoria: I'm obsessed.

Frankie: How did you know that?

Victoria: Yeah, I do.

Frankie: I love her.

Victoria: I'm obsessed with her.

Frankie: She's so good. I love her new song [starts singing "Problem"].

According to fans on the Internet, only the biggest Ariana Grande fans know "Pink Champagne." So maybe — just maybe — Victoria really does know who Frankie is?

Images: FrankieJGrande/Instagram; Cliff Lipson/CBS; Ariana Grande Brasil/YouTube, Big Brother/YouTube; Julie Chens My Homegirl/Tumblr