'Mad Men' actor Jay R. Ferguson Killed His Stan Rizzo Beard & The Show's Death Knells Begin

File this under "Things I am not emotionally ready for": Mad Men is definitely ending, and with it Stan Rizzo's beard has been murdered by portrayer Jay R. Ferguson. Why must you do this to me, Mad Men? I thought we had so many more months together.

Ferguson's Rizzo has not always had a beard, but its arrival definitely added a certain air to the character. I, for one, grew incredibly attached to it. As such, its departure kinda stings.

There is some solace here, though: Mad Men's wrapped filming on its final season already, so it seems Stan will keep his beard throughout the run of the show. Hopefully he will keep his mischievous mother hen demeanor and his penchant for hitting on Peggy along with it.

Ferguson revealed the slaughter of his famous facial hair in a recent instagram, alongside the caption "RIP Rizzo, it was a pleasure." And it was a pleasure, Stan Rizzo. It was.

Never fear, though: Jon Hamm is rocking full-on hiatus beard at the moment. Considering that Mad Men's hiatus is now never-ending, perhaps his beard will be never-ending as well — for better or for worse.

I have a feeling I'm gonna take the final season of Mad Men pretty badly.

Image: AMC